From AI to alzheimer’s detection




How do you raise funds for a product that is great for humanity, but not an urgent business case for investors? How do you create a trustworthy brand that makes private data-sharing desirable for its users? And first of all, how do you even break through the sound barrier to start this conversation?  

These were exactly the obstacles facing Really. Together, we jumped the hurdles by creating a brand that really works.

Really logo

We broke down the challenges: brand and funding were analyzed to understand their interdependence. The brand was essential to increase the funding possibilities, as brands generate crowds and crowds generate funding. We created a new name, value proposition and brand story to support the brand pillars. The new brand elements revealed the human purpose of the complex tech startup and added human emotions to the cutting-edge technology. Furthermore, investors and advisor networks were activated, as we developed an online platform to raise funding and communicate the cause.

The idea was to move the perception of data analysis to make it accessible to a wider range of people. Bring it down to earth. After all, data is human. Visualizing data in a positive, easily understandable way. We’ve fallen in love with the idea of revealing the truth, also visually. That’s why we translate the face - “Really” - into a combination of very simple graphic shapes and conceptually expose what’s hiding behind the actual letters.

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