Built in Israel,
Scaled in the U.S.

Janvest Capital Partners is a venture capital fund investing in deep tech seed stage Israeli start-ups. Founded by two financial entrepreneurs in America, Janvest has a great reputation within the investment community in the United States, but saw a need to refresh their brand reputation in Israel. With the recruitment of a third, highly regarded partner in Israel, Janvest was ready to transform the way the brand presented itself to the world.


Our starting point was Janvest’s brand story. The essence of Janvest, once articulated, turned into a briefing for the design process: being a younger, sharper, more powerful venture partner to startups had to shine through in how Janvest presents itself.

Previous logo

Previous logo

New logo

New logo


Janvest’s design had to encompass an important duality inherent in Janvest’s setup: the urban techy feel of Tel Aviv, coupled with modern and powerful American financial industry cues. We recommended a clean, strong, monochromatic color scheme coupled with unique font application that draws inspiration from Janvest’s markets:

Brik/Cario is modern font, with a digital and techy touch. It symbolizes strength and power, while being on point – and to the point.

Manier is a font that salutes the classic investment industry. It is serious, yet modern. However, a detail was hiding in the font that took it from good to perfect: its characteristic ornamentation can be seen as a reference to the drawing style of old Hebrew and its decorative features.

When you win-we win.png

We pulled apart the ornamentation to provide Janvest a unique, yet simple, brand symbol to flow across all design elements. Used as a graphical element, the triangle creates a unique identity that neatly packs the company’s heritage and scope into a single, easy-to-apply feature.

Our project concluded with the creation of a new, simple-yet-stunning website that distinguishes Janvest from the competition.


Instead of building a complicated, hard-to-maintain site, we used a simple Squarespace site, and built tailored features for Janvest on top of the template. This not only kept costs down, but allowed Janvest to easily take over the site, solving another problem in traditional website projects: it might look good at first, but be a pain to work with as a client. By going about the project like we did, we saved Janvest not just a significant sum of money, but more importantly: a lot of headaches down the line.